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Texas Premiere Addiction Center.

Get Your Life Back.

Our team works with you, your family, and your insurance company to insure you get the best treatment – as In-Network Providers – we are able to make sure you are provided with the best rehab program.

  • Safe 24/7 medical detox
  • 24 hour medical staff
  • Co-occurring Disorder
  • 12 Step Based
  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Active Alumni
  • Sometimes talking to a real person who understands makes the process easier. We are here to listen and answer your questions. Call us at:

    ***HIPAA Compliant and 100% Confidential***

    An Addiction Treatment Center For Mind, Body, and Spirit.

    Accredited | Licensed | Trusted | Qualified | Professional

    Your Health is Our Priority.

    Dedicated Medical and Clinical Team Are Here for You Daily.

    Detoxification in our medical unit is where your journey begins. Once you and the doctors feel you are ready for the next step – you move to the tranquil recovery campus and start your new life.

    • Individual Counseling – explore how to approach your new life
    • Group Participation – you are not alone 
    • Physical Exercise – begin healing your body
    • Onsite ROPES Course – learn insight and self trust 
    • Family Program – While you heal, we invite your family with, with your permission to learn about your condition and how to take care of themselves.
    • Nutritional Food – our cafeteria offers a family style buffet daily that is Healthy, nutritious and can be catered to meet specific dietary requests.
    Sometimes talking to a real person who understands is easier. We are here to listen and answer your questions.
    Call us at:

    ***HIPAA Compliant and 100% Confidential***

    Exceptional Healthcare - Dedicated Medical Practitioners

    Addictions We Treat

    Reach Out Now - We Will Help!

    Seeking help for you or a loved one? You are on the right website! We will help.
    La Hacienda Treatment Center has been helping addicts for over 50 years. We believe in making treatment accessible and are in network with most major insurance companies.
    Seeking help for you or a loved one? You are on the right website! We will help.

    Call Today: 800.749.6160

    La Hacienda Rests on 40 Acres in the Serene Texas Hill Country

    La Hacienda Treatment Center

    Take a visual tour of La Hacienda’s beautiful
    40 acre campus
    From the Initial Welcoming Session
    From the initial welcoming session, to the ROPES course, to the more intensive sessions, it was quite obvious La Hacienda has a really “good thing” going. – Former Patient
    Most Enlightening and Memorable Week of My Life
    I appreciate all the effort, tears shed by your staff and all the patients, and other family program participants. This was the most enlightening and memorable week of my life. Thank all of you for all you are doing. – Family Program
    Thank You for Changing My Life
    I understand my illness. I am not bad, I was sick. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping understand and believe I can live my best life. - Former Patient


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