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Healthy Teams Make the Difference

La Hacienda 2nd Annual Invitational Recovery Softball Game
Tonight at 7:00pm, the Texas Rangers will host the Indians in the second game of their regular season. La Hacienda Treatment Center and addiction industry representatives from all over would like to wish them the best of luck in what looks to be a great run and a stellar season. Some of our treatment partners from different parts of the globe might have their own local favorites, but they still keep a special place in their heart for our friends in Arlington.

Just a few weeks ago, on March 10th, 2017, Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas hosted the second Invitational Recovery softball tournament, which has become one of the most exclusive networking events of the year. It is a full day of healthy competition and laughter where like-minded addiction treatment center representatives from around the country came to play while pretending to work. The goal was to have fun, but the meaning was so much more. We once again honored our hosts for the integrity and compassion they show to second chances and healthy living.

Representatives networked with one another to discuss where addiction treatment has been and where it is going. We ran slow, we pulled hamstrings, we laughed, we played. People snapped photos to make friends and co-workers jealous. And as we wrapped up over a good ballpark meal of hotdogs and hamburgers, both covered in chili and cheese, we celebrated the other side of addiction. We celebrated the healthy living, the sober days, the smiling families and happy employers, the winning team, the freedom from bondage and the victory that addiction treatment can so powerfully bring. We accept that addiction is real and thank God that recovery is so much more than just possible.

As 2017 marches on, La Hacienda Treatment Center will spend a lot of time in Arlington, Texas with our new partners. As leaders in our respective industries, known for never quitting, we vow to keep healthy living, a healthy workforce and a healthy team more than an agenda item. To families, professionals and sports fans everywhere, don’t stop shining the light. We’ll see you at Globe Life Park.