P12 Documentation Example

P12 Documentation Example

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Intervention – Documentation Example


April 11 You were drunk during a dinner party with my parents. You insulted my cooking in front of them and even insulted them.   I went into the kitchen and cried alone. I acted as if everything was alright when I returned. I apologized for you the next day and told them you were tired of late and not yourself.   I was embarrassed for myself and for them. I was also hurt and angered by your behavior and insults.
My birthday You promised to take me to a football game. You came home late and had been drinking. You fell asleep and we couldn’t wake you.   I tried to wake you up. Then I realized that you were out for the evening. I went to my room and cried myself to sleep.   I was disappointed about missing the game. I was also hurt because it didn’t seem as if you cared about me.
Last week You were late for work each morning and you smelled of alcohol.   I gave you easy assignments. I also made sure that no one else saw you that morning. I took care of the customers.   I was angry with you and your irresponsibility. I was also concerned as you are a friend whom I care about.
Friday You came home from work and you were noticeably drunk. You stumbled into the house and fell over the coffee table. You broke a vase.   I picked you up and put you to bed. Then I cleaned up your mess.   I was scared; you could barely walk and you had driven home. I was angry about all the commotion you caused.
Our last fishing trip You were drinking in the boat. You became too drunk to even talk. You tried to stand up and caused the boat to capsize.   We all ended up in the water. We righted the boat and got you inside. Then we returned to shore. We lost all of our equipment and went home the next day.   I was angry because you could have killed us and angry about the equipment. I was also very disappointed. It wasn’t a good trip.

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