P19 Checklist

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction – Intervention Final Checklist and Arrangements

  1. Have we made arrangements with the treatment program we selected for our chemically dependent person?

a. _____ Checked space availability with treatment facility.
b. _____ Checked out insurance coverage and treatment financing.

  1. Have we made arrangements in order that the chemically dependent person can go into treatment immediately?

a. _____ Packed a suitcase.
b. _____ Arranged for the care of any children, pets or plants, etc.
c. _____ Made arrangements with the dependent person’s employer/school.
d. _____ Made arrangements for the care of any apartments or property, if necessary.

  1. Has everyone concerned been informed of the time, date and place of the Intervention Session, including:

a. _____ The Intervention Facilitator?
b. _____ All the concerned others who will be participating?
c. _____ The chemically dependent person (at the appropriate time)?

  1. Have arrangements been made for:

a. _____ Transporting the concerned others to the Intervention Session?
b. _____ Transporting the chemically dependent person to the Intervention Session?
c. _____ Transporting the chemically dependent person to the treatment center?

  1. Have arrangements been made for the alternatives the concerned others have selected for themselves?
Last Minute Reminders

  1. Remember to bring your written Documentation Sheet.
  2. Remember to follow your facilitator’s direction during the intervention.
  3. Remember that interventions are highly successful. You have worked to prepare for this intervention, and can trust your intervention will be successful.
God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

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