P17 Do’s and Don’ts

P17 Do’s and Don’ts

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction – Intervention Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do present with love / concern / caring.
  • Do state specific facts: what—when—where—with whom.
  • Do ask the person to accept help—do not ask him/her to stop drinking / using.

“I care _________________________________” or
“I’m concerned ____________________________” because
you did      (describe behavior specifically)     ” or
“_________________ when you were (include chemical involved)” and
“I want you to get help” or “I want both of us to get help.”


  • Do not be judgmental.
  1. Discuss a problem.
  2. Do not accuse person of being an alcoholic or addict.
  • Do not ask questions.

Strategy to cope with reaction of the addicted person:

  • Getting addicted person to intervention.
  • Remind them of contract to listen.
  • Move to next to the person intervening.
  • Be prepared for reasons to “wiggle out.”
  • Be prepared for “crocodile tears” and promises.
  • Listen for capitulation.
  • Consequences!

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