Structured Intervention: A process – not an event

Structured Intervention: A process – not an event

Helping Someone Who Doesn’t Want Help

If done correctly, an intervention works. If your loved one needs help, take the next step! Move forward – because without change, it will not get better.

An Intervention is designed to give “concerned others” the skills, knowledge and support necessary to help “troubled” individuals help themselves. In its simplest form, intervention on alcoholism or drug addiction happens each time the addicted person is confronted with his/her use or related behavior.

A structured intervention is an orchestrated event to assist family and friends in convincing their chemically dependent loved one to seek the help they need. In effect, a team is formed to intervene on the alcoholic/addict about his/her problem. The structured team approach is the most effective form of intervention. The process itself and the work that leads up to it are acts of love, courage, and hope.

A well-executed intervention serves to raise the bottom, create a crisis, break through the denial system and lead the chemically dependent person to the help they need to begin recovery. This method also allows the person to be a part of the decision to seek treatment, thus relieving anger and promoting cooperation.

Structured Interventions Work, as Does Treatment

Just remember, if a friend or family member needs help with an alcohol or other drug problem, please contact a trained Intervention Professional in your area. In a structured intervention, concerned family and friends must be well versed on their role in the intervention and be willing to take risks necessary to help the addicted person. The Intervention Professional will be able to provide the support and guidance you need.

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