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Outline of the Structured Intervention Process

Class One

  1. Education – The Disease
  1. The Disease
  2. Nature of the Disease
  3. Definition of the Disease
  4. Progression of the Disease
  5. Delusional Memory
  1. Group Commitment
  1. Do all participants believe that there is a problem?
  2. Screening participants who are inappropriate.
  3. Watch film on Intervention, when appropriate.
  1. Review
  1. The Intervention Concept and Goal
  2. Intervention Presentation Guidelines
  3. Documentation Preparation
  1. Suggested Feelings Words
  2. Documentation Sheet Example
  1. Treatment Recommendations
  1. Discuss Treatment Programs
  2. Discuss Treatment Alternative
  3. Discuss Consequences
  1. Date and place for Intervention sessions and Intervention
  1. Assignments
  1. Complete Documentation Sheet PDFSmall
  2. Make decision on Treatment Program
  3. Family to attend Al-Anon
Class Two

  1. Education – Family Illness
  1. Substance Abuse: A Family Problem
  2. Symptoms of Co-Dependency
  3. Enabling
  4. Enabling Worksheet
  5. What Goes on in the Family
  1. Review Documentation Sheet
  1. Complete Intervention Planning Worksheet
  1. Assignments – Arrangements for admission (see Intervention Checklist)

Class Three

  1. Intervention Rehearsal
  1. Practice of Presentation
  2. Your Intervention Rules
  1. Discuss and List Consequences
  1. Complete Intervention Checklist
  1. Last Minute Reminders
  1. Plan for Follow-up Session

Intervention Session

Follow-Up Session

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