Relapse Program

Treating Relapse

Specialized Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Relapse La Hacienda enhances the relapsed patient’s potential for long-term sobriety through the specialized and focused treatment of our Relapse Program.

Our experience teaches us that relapse is a process – recognizable, preventable and treatable. Before the recovering person starts to use alcohol or other drugs again, there is a pattern of behavior that starts with the return of denial and is marked by symptoms of isolation, depression, high levels of stress and impaired judgment. La Hacienda’s Relapse Program provides specialized education and process groups which focus on the specific problematic issues the patient is presenting.

Those who have relapsed are able to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors which contributed to their relapse and identify future threats to recovery. Patients learn to identify mistaken beliefs about relapse and their justifications and relapse warning signs. They also work through the shame, guilt and fear associated with having been on the road of recovery and then relapsing.

We have found that many of our patients who have relapsed have lost their focus on the 12 Steps. La Hacienda emphasizes step work and offers assistance to these patients in moving beyond their previous “stuck points”. Patients help develop their own continuing care plans and are encouraged to find counselors and 12 Step sponsors who are compatible with relapse prevention concepts.