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Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency Treatment and Recovery Resources

Intervention Guide:
In structured intervention, the family, friends and/or employer of the chemically dependent person are led, as a group, to a point at which they can effectively and constructively confront the dependent and thereby interrupt the progress of their disease. This guide will help you through the process of a structured intervention.
Medical Records:
Request copies of Medical Records for La Hacienda Treatment Center, La Hacienda’s Solutions, and La Hacienda College Station
La Hacienda Podcasts featuring Alumni Speaks
Articles about Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery
Presentations by our Physicians, Patient Treatment, and Recovery Resources
Information about La Hacienda Treatment Center and Addiction Treatment
Treatment Links:
Additional links to treatment, rehab centers, and information on alcoholism and drug abuse
La Hacienda Blog:
Informational Blog on La Hacienda, Treatment, and Recovery
Our former patients and their family members share their own treatment and recovery experiences at La Hacienda
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