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Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Articles

What is Addiction?
The National Council on Alcoholism describes alcoholism as “a complex, progressive disease…click to read full article.
Bath Salts
A new and dangerous designer drug called “bath salts” is making a deadly splash across the United States…click to read full article.
Prescription Painkiller Abuse
Since prescription medications are legal to whom they are prescribed, the symptoms of prescription drug abuse or addiction are sometimes disregarded or overlooked because the initial reason for a person taking such medication was intense and legitimate pain. ..click to read full article.
Detoxification, the process of ridding the body of toxins, is a vital initial step for those entering substance abuse rehabilitation…click to read full article.
Elderly Substance Abuse
The elderly substance abuse problem is close to becoming an epidemic in this country and there are three main contributing factors: the amount of prescription pills that are being prescribed to them, boredom as the result of no routine, and isolation….click to read full article.
In Consideration of Step One
Of all the Steps, this is the one that sets the stage for recovery to happen….click to read full article.
Inhalant Abuse
Inhalant abuse, also known as ‘huffing’, is very common among young people right now and very dangerous…click to read full article.
Medical Necessity
When dealing with third party pay in substance and mental health treatment, one of the biggest misunderstandings we have to address over and over with patients and family members…click to read full article.
Opiates are a class of drugs that that are known to take away pain. Opiates can also cause a euphoric state or a high. Types of opiates include…click to read full article.
Sober Home and Other Post-Discharge Residential Facility Considerations
These homes are generally a group of newly sober people living together. Sober homes and half-way houses can be a positive experience for those who need housing in early recovery, especially for those motivated for change and committed to their recovery program…click to read full article.
Step Two: The Solution
Step Two is specifically designed for the mental obsession…..click to read full article.
Step Three: A Higher Power
Oh no! What does this mean? Am I going to be consigned to being some kind of goodie two shoes, some Pollyanna?….click to read full article.
Step Nine: Amends
By doing Steps 1 through 8, we have made significant progress in uncovering the things that are blocking us from a conscious connection to God. It is paramount to first address our internal condition if we are ever to make any headway with cleaning up our past…..click to read full article.
Suboxone: Help for Opiate Dependence
Persons who are physically dependent on opiates will experience severe withdrawal symptoms when the drug is suddenly stopped. Avoidance of the withdrawal symptoms, which can include…click to read full article.
The Latest and Greatest Ways to Harm Ourselves: K2 and Spice
These two substances seem to have emerged on the scene in the past year or so and are becoming increasingly more popular, especially among the younger patients…click to read full article.
Tobacco Dependency
Tobacco dependency occurs in 21% of the population in North America….click to read full article.
Using Pain Medication in Recovery
There are times in recovery in which an individual finds himself in a position to be in need of pain medication…..click to read full article.
Halfway Houses, Sober Living Homes, and Addiction Recovery Residences
Once called a halfway house, a sober home or recovery residence is a place where persons with substance abuse issues can begin to reintegrate into society…..click to read full article.
Leadership and Succession Planning in the Addiction Treatment Field
La Hacienda still has an active intern program that we are very proud of. Today all programs are closely regulated by the State of Texas, certification…..click to read full article.
The Significance of Personal Relationships in Addiction Treatment
Much has been written on the significance of personal relationships in evaluating quality of life. The same can be applied to measuring the quality of treatment of alcoholism and other drug addictions…..click to read full article.