Sober Home or Other Post-Discharge Residential Facility Considerations

These homes are generally a group of newly sober people living together. Sober homes and half-way houses can be a positive experience for those who need housing in early recovery, especially for those motivated for change and committed to their recovery program. La Hacienda Treatment Center strongly recommends that you fully research each home you are considering. We offer this list of questions to assist in that process so you may make an informed choice. It is important you feel comfortable with the information you receive and that you feel confident this is an environment you believe you can be successful in. Thoroughly researching a home you are considering is a good start in that direction. Give some thought to the questions and ask those questions that are relevant to your situation. Some answers may be evident based on your observations.

General Area / Environment

  • What is the quality of the neighborhood? Is the area safe?
  • Is the location convenient to public transportation, 12 Step meetings, etc.
  • What is the typical demographic of the current residents? On average, how long have they been in the house?
  • Is the physical condition of the house representative of a recovery environment?
  • Is the home/program licensed or accredited by anyone?
  • Who is the management of the home accountable to?
  • Does the home have internet access?


  • What are the admission criteria for the home?
  • Is there a minimum sobriety requirement?
  • Are those who enter the house required to complete primary treatment first?
  • Are there prohibited medications for residents of the facility?

House Philosophy

  • Is 12 Step meeting attendance required of residents? How often?
  • Are 12 Step meetings held in the house? How many?
  • Are residents required to have a 12 Step sponsor?
  • Are residents required to follow their Continuing Care Plan from treatment to stay in the house?
  • Is there a supervisor/manager that resides in the house? If not, how much supervision is provided?
  • Is the supervisor/manager in recovery? If so, how long has he/she been sober?
  • What is management’s experience with residents who are in recovery?
  • What kind of support is offered to the residents?
  • Are there any counseling services offered?


  • What is the monthly cost for living in the house?
  • How much deposit is required?
  • When is money due?
  • What are the conditions that have to be met to have the deposit refunded?
  • What is the refund policy should the resident leave the house prior to the time paid for?
  • What is the refund policy should a resident relapse and/or be asked to leave the home for problematic behavior?

Expectations of Residents

  • What is the recommended length of stay? What is the average length of stay for residents?
  • What is the policy on aggressive or violent behavior?
  • What is the policy on possessing pornography or viewing it online?
  • Are residents expected to do chores? What type of chores?
  • Is there a curfew? What is it?
  • Are there house meetings? How often?
  • How does the resident government operate?
  • Are residents required to work? How long do they have before they must get a job? What kind of assistance is provided in obtaining a job?
  • Are there any jobs that are not allowed?

House Rules

  • Request a copy of the house rules and review them. Ask any questions that arise.
  • Can residents have visitors at the house? What are the hours for visitors? Can visitors stay overnight?
  • Can residents have overnight passes?
  • For what reason(s) would a resident be kicked out of a house? What is the process? How much time would be given to find another place to live?
  • Would family members be notified if a resident was being kicked out?

In Case of Relapse

  • Is a resident automatically terminated from a house if he/she relapses?
  • If a resident relapses and returns to detox/treatment, may he/she return to the house after completing detox/treatment?
  • Does the house have relationships/contracts with detox/treatment facilities to smooth the way should a referral be needed?
  • We hope this list will help make your post-discharge transition as smooth as possible. If you need further assistance please call La Hacienda at (844) 332-5201.