Allie Garza, Admission Specialist

Allie Garza, Admission Specialist

When Admission Specialist Allie Garza tells callers that she understands their situation, she really does. “My experience in active alcoholism and as a patient at La Hacienda give me a special kind of empathy for them. I can relate entirely to what they’re experiencing.” “I love being able to tell a person seeking help that I did these same things and I got to the other side. Things can get better.”

A Life Without Substances is Possible

“I first drank when I was 14,” says Allie. “I spent 11 years burning bridges, causing harm, and chasing the joy I felt taking my first drink.” “I was lucky enough to come here as a patient in May 2018. La Hacienda Treatment Center introduced me to a lifestyle without substances.” After 30 days at La Hacienda, she spent 18 months in a sober living house, an experience she feels was an integral part of her recovery.

Returns to Help Others Find Recovery

Sober since the day she came to La Hacienda as a patient, Allie returned in her current role in June 2021. Combined with her compassionate and humorous personality, her personal history helps put callers at ease. “I love connecting with people and hearing their stories, helping them to know they’re not alone,” she says. Another thing she can tell callers from her time as a La Hacienda patient is that they or their loved ones will receive individualized, caring attention. “La Hacienda’s patient-first model makes it easy to back the program here. We do things with integrity.”

Studying Communications and Women’s Health

Born and raised in San Antonio, Allie is studying communications and women’s health studies at the University of North Texas. She’s a major fan of K-pop music and likes reading, playing her Nintendo Switch, and walking her dogs, a Sheepadoodle named Pochi, and a Yorkie mix named Chewie. “Taking care of them is one of my favorite things in the world.”