Cynthia Dommert

Cynthia F. Dommert

Cynthia Dommert has managed the 10-person Environmental Services Department since 2014. These women and men are dedicated to keeping the interiors of La Hacienda’s living quarters, medical, and office buildings both spotless and sanitary, a significant responsibility on a large campus that includes health services. “I was asked to take over the Environmental Services department,” she says. “It was a big change, but I decided it was a good opportunity to do something entirely different.” A self-described “clean freak,” she is a natural in this position. Being highly organized and detail-oriented, yet always maintaining a people-friendly approach, Cynthia has boosted Environmental Services to a high level of professionalism.

Extensive Background in Business

Prior to moving to her current position, Cynthia was a Human Resources specialist for 11 years, working primarily with employee benefits and performing new employee orientations, among other duties. Before that, she had an extensive career in Tampa, FL, working as Office Manager for a national food brokerage firm and as Executive Secretary to the CEO of a major national investment company, among other positions. Upon moving to Texas from Florida in 1995, she scored very high on the Texas title insurance examination (despite lack of experience) and quickly became a licensed escrow officer for a local title company.

Sets High Standards

Whatever her work requires, Cynthia looks for the good in what she does. “I enjoy accomplishing things, whatever the task,” she says. “I especially like doing things well.” It is an attitude, along with teamwork, that she desires to instill in her staff. “Cleaning rooms and buildings is a physical job, and my team works hard. It is important that they get along well and enjoy one another’s company.”

Serving Many People—Patients and Staff

“Environmental Services is about people. In our role, we serve everyone – staff, patients, and the facility. People make the difference here. Service is extremely important, but it is the people that bring it about.” It is also about service. “In this department, you get a real hands-on view of what that means. The staff have scheduled assignments. They start at 6 a.m. each day knowing where they will be and what is expected of them. They are very organized, and there is no wasted time.”

Likes to Return to Florida’s Sun and Sand

Born in Hollywood, FL, and raised in Central Florida, Cynthia has always loved the white sand of Florida beaches. Family is especially important to her: for fun and relaxation, she, her husband, and their son all like to go back to Florida to the beaches. “We’re very close. We like to do things together.” They learned the value of being family through tragedy.

Personal Crisis Strengthens Family Bonds

Shortly after turning 16, her son was in a major car accident and was very badly injured. He was not expected to survive. However, after two months of being unconscious and on a breathing apparatus, he could finally breathe on his own. Cynthia and her husband thought that the worst was over until they learned that he had suffered a massive traumatic brain injury. Not only was the right side of his body paralyzed, but he also remembered virtually nothing about performing even the simplest tasks (walking, talking, how to sit down). They were told that, at best, any hope for reasonable recovery would take 8 to 10 years.

“I quit my job to be my son’s advocate, physical therapist–whatever was required,” says Cynthia. “I spent years providing whatever he needed.”

And with her typical tenacity and striving toward the highest standards, Cynthia guided him toward a complete recovery. He eventually graduated from Schreiner University and now lives a normal life. “God took care of him, as well as taking care of us throughout the ordeal. If you met my son today, you would have no idea of what he went through. My son is truly a walking miracle.” And Cynthia is an example of the dedication and determination typically found at La Hacienda Treatment Center.