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La Hacienda’s Nutrition and Fitness Services

When individuals enter treatment for alcoholism or drug dependency, it is quite common for them to be in poor health. After all, their focus has been on getting the next high and not on eating right. Long-term abuse of the physical body can result in a drastic decline of overall health when coupled with the detrimental effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the mind and spirit. Since La Hacienda’s approach is to focus on recovery for the body, mind and spirit, in addition to the medical and clinical components of their treatment, our patients receive a nutritional assessment and are encouraged to participate in a variety of wellness and therapeutic activities.


Our Food and Nutrition Services staff serves down home cooking style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A large variety of foods are made available at each meal to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. In addition to the main hot entrees, vegetables, a starch, and a full salad bar, a selection can be made from cold and hot sandwiches or pizza made to order. Healthy eaters will enjoy our low-fat items like baked chicken and fish. For those who think dessert is the best part of the meal, ice cream and non-fat yogurt are lunch favorites and homemade cakes, pies or cookies are served at dinner. We pull out all the stops for holidays with special buffets that are a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

If a special diet is ordered by our doctors after the nutritional assessment at admission, a registered dietitian will counsel the patient and approve their menu choices to make certain nutritional requirements are met.

Therapeutic Activities

Our Activities Therapy (AT) services promote recovery by helping patients identify problems and strengths in areas critical to the recovery process: leisure time utilization, social involvement, stress management techniques, physical fitness, communication skills and degree of positive self regard.

Our ROPES Course involves patients in activities requiring intensive teamwork and cooperation. Through high and low element exercises they can develop trust in themselves and in others, improve their decision-making, cooperation, problem-solving and communication skills.

If walking is your preferred exercise, you can stroll anywhere from a quarter mile to ¾ of a mile on our walking trail. If you’d like a little more than just a walk, there are several fitness stations along the trail to help you stretch, balance or get your heart rate up, as you choose.

<?– ***Hidden because we do not currently have a message therapist, and keeps coming up on inquiry calls*** Since we are all drawn towards things that make us feel good, it is not surprising that people can become dependent on alcohol and drugs. These good feelings usually stem from a release of certain neurotransmitters in our brains–endorphin, dopamine and serotonin–that affect how we experience pleasure, pain and moods. Massage therapy is helpful in addiction treatment because it triggers the release of the same neurotransmitters experienced by the use of alcohol or drugs. In addition, the relaxation experienced during a massage leads to a decrease in stress hormones which can cause circulatory, immune and digestive ailments. Hence, massage can be very beneficial for a body already stressed by withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. As an adjunct to treatment, La Hacienda is contracted with a registered massage therapist for those patients who wish to take advantage of this optional benefit. –>