Alumni Staff Speaking Engagements

Alumni Staff Speaking Engagements

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Chris Raymer

Alumni Director

For information about speaking engagements and Zoom talks, contact Chris at x512 or cell (830) 377-1981 or Email: [email protected] for Zoom ID#’s

New talks will be listed here when they are scheduled.

Zoom Talks   

(all times Central)

May 19th UK Zoom 1:30 pm CST

May 27th Sweden Zoom 12 noon CST (steps 4, 5)

June 8th. Tucson, AZ. Zoom 9pm CST

June 12th Founders Day ZOOM Akron Ohio 6:45 CST

June 18th Brushy Creek Serenity Group Round Rock Texas (In person)

June 20th. California Zoom 8pm

July 17th London Ontario Zoom 7pm CST

July 17th Truro, Nova Scotia 5pm CST

July 25th New Your 6pm CST

July 25th Woodstock North 1pm (Step 1 talk)