Alumni Staff Speaking Engagements

Alumni Staff Speaking Engagements

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Chris Raymer

Alumni Director

For information about speaking engagements and Zoom talks, contact Chris at x512 or cell (830) 377-1981 or Email: [email protected] for Zoom ID#’s

New talks will be listed here when they are scheduled.

Chris Raymer Upcoming talks 2021

(All subject to change with Covid)


Oct. 12th Panama Zoom 7pm CST

Oct. 16th (Recovery talk) Odenville, Alabama

Oct. 23rd (Saturday night talk) Vancouver, Washington

Oct. 31st Zoom 24 Hour International Marathon Meeting

Nov. 6th Lithuania Zoom 11am CST

Nov. 12-13th (Talk/workshop) Akron, Ohio

Nov. 17th Australia Zoom 4am CST

Jan. 8th 2022 Sobriety by the Bay Conf. (Sat night speaker) San Francisco, Ca.

Jan. 14,15th Oklahoma City Winter Conference

Feb. 11-13th Syracuse Salt City Midwinter Roundup (Sat. night speaker)

March 11,12th FOTS Midwest Cincinnati, Ohio

April 22-24 St. Louis Speaker Meeting