La Hacienda’s Treatment Team

La Hacienda’s staff believes that providing treatment in a positive, safe environment creates a healing atmosphere. With a capacity for 110 patients, it takes a village of people to produce the kind of environment that welcomes life changes. La Hacienda’s family is made up of about 180 people from Kerr County, San Antonio, Austin, College Station and surrounding communities. Thirty percent of our employees have worked here more than 10 years; 60 percent have been employed here more than 5 years. Our village consists of people committed to patient care as demonstrated by years of loyal service to chemically dependent individuals and their families.

Moreover, we not only talk the talk; many of us have walked the walk! In an anonymous survey taken by our staff in May 2012, 54 out of 101 respondents are in recovery from alcoholism/addiction with a combined total of more than 1,000 recovery years; an additional 11 respondents are in recovery from another addiction, such as codependency, with over 150 combined recovery years.
Those who come to us seeking help for this disease find comfort and strength through the dedication and experience of our staff.


La Hacienda’s Executive Team meets on a weekly basis to ensure smooth facilitation of services to our patients. Most of them have worked in the field of alcoholism/drug dependency treatment for more than 20 years, have worked at La Hacienda more than 10 years, and some come to the table with personal recovery experience. All of them are dedicated to our mission of providing treatment and support to maximize recovery for each alcohol/drug dependent patient and their family.



krista baldwin rn

Krista Baldwin, RN

randal derubeis lvn lahacienda
Randall DeRubeis, LVN


Beth McCurdy, LCDC, Case Manager, La Hacienda Treatment Center
Beth McCurdy, LCDC
SCU Detox Counselor
Bill Levens, LCDC, Weekend Counselor, La Hacienda Treatment Center
Bill Levens, LCDC
Weekend Counselor
Amanda Antonini | La Hacienda
Amanda Antonini
LCDC, Case Manager
Martin Garcia | La Hacienda
Martin Garcia
LCDC, Weekend Program Director
Sadie Rommel | La Hacienda

Sadie Rommel
LCDC Weekend Evening Supervisor

Michele Savage | La Hacienda
Michele Savage
LCDC Weekend Counselor
Clayton Sponhaltz | La Hacienda
Clayton Sponhaltz
LCDC Weekend Counselor
Christina Bruno | La Hacienda
Christina Bruno
LCDC Weekend Counselor
Kenneth Confer | La Hacienda
Kenneth Confer
LCDC Weekend Counselor



Adam Wallace
Admission Specialist

Dwayne Mahon Admission Specialist | La Hacienda

Dwayne Mahon
Admission Specialist


Bronwyn Haymes
Business Office Coordinator

Karen Corder
Senior Collection Specialist
Kristi Chacon | La Hacienda

Kristi Chacon
Business Office Coordinator

Business Development

Human Resources

Nutritional Services

Continuing Care

Utilization Review

Deb Collins | La Hacienda
Deborah Collins