Patients see one of our doctors every single day of their treatment, weekends and holidays included because the body and mind are making daily changes. La Hacienda’s medical staff is carefully chosen for their expertise in treating addiction and also for their compassion for our patients. The medical staff includes four licensed physicians who are Diplomats of the American Board of Addiction Medicine, in addition to their other primary boards–Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Mental health services are available 4-5 days per week with one of our psychiatrists. Upon admission, patients are comprehensively assessed by our medical staff. This process includes a complete history and physical assessment, a dietary assessment, and psychological testing as indicated. Patients requiring detoxification are then medically supervised in our Special Care Unit, 24 hours a day, until the patient has successfully completed the detoxification process.

Around the Clock Nursing Care

Our nursing department is a crucial part of the interdisciplinary team and provides valuable input into the progress of the individual patient. After admission, many patients are housed in our Special Care Unit, where they are assessed by an experienced team of nurses and ancillary staff who are available 24 hours a day. Upon completion of detoxification, the nursing staff continues to assess the patients for residual withdrawal symptoms. All prescribed medications are administered by our nurses who evaluate them for efficacy. The nursing staff remains available throughout the treatment stay to assess patients with chronic medical conditions such as those with respiratory and cardiac conditions in need of special care and treatment. Patients who experience minor medical emergencies are assessed and treated by our nursing staff.