Family and Addiction

This section of our website is dedicated to families who have a loved one currently in treatment, who are looking at options for someone seeking treatment, and who have had someone graduate from treatment.

La Hacienda works with every patient who wants to include family members as they address their issues with alcohol and drug addiction.

In today’s world, family can mean different things to different people, so we let the patient and counselor determine which family members participate.

Family Structures

Over the years La Hacienda has had the pleasure to work with family units representing different family structures:

  • Traditional family
  • Single parent family
  • Biological family
  • Extended family
  • Blended family
  • Same-sex parents
  • One or two parents

Every family week brings a variety in family types and family values. Our goal is to welcome all to our campus and to follow our primary goal of teaching all family members about the disease of addiction and how it affects their family structure, family unit, family values, family life, and of course their loved one seeking to live sober.

La Hacienda Treatment Center explains: How does an intervention work? What are the styles of intervention? How can addiction treatment centers like La Hacienda help?

Dependency on alcohol or drugs is a disease that strikes individuals, but it is also a family disease in several senses.

The whole family creates a home environment that may enable or worsen the illness without family members knowing what they are doing.

The whole family can play a role in the substance abuser’s addiction treatment and recovery process.

Virtual Family Support Group

Led by a Family Program staff member, these weekly meetings on zoom help families after their loved one completes treatment at La Hacienda. In addition to a weekly topic, participants share what they are going through and support each other with suggestions and affirmation.

Family Support Groups

In addition to the weekly virtual family support groups there are three meetings for family members at three locations around the state.
Austin Texas | La Hacienda


Phone: (512) 580-8528
When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday
Place: La Hacienda Solutions
11110 Metric
Austin, TX 78758
Dallas Texas | La Hacienda


***Virtual Only***

Contact: Patty M. +1 (940) 367-5553

San Antonio Texas | La Hacienda

San Antonio

Phone: (210) 692-0001
When:  7 p.m. Monday
Place: La Hacienda
Community Outreach Office
7400 Blanco Rd., Suite 129
San Antonio, TX 78216


Resources are for families to be able to read on our website as well as outside reading.
We want all families to be able to reach us when needed.

Family Program Staff

Family Program staff at
(830) 971-0367 x300 with any questions.

Reading Material

  • Big Book

  • One Day at a Time in Alanon