Christian Focus at La Hacienda

La Hacienda offers an optional Christian focus for patients who desire to incorporate Christian beliefs into their addiction treatment.

Participation in the Christian focus is in addition to other basic therapeutic programming, which also involves a spiritual element through the 12 steps.

Christian Support Includes

  • Biblical Scripture and its relationship to the 12 Steps
  • The spiritual nature of human relationships
  • The importance of forgiveness in healing
  • Other essential spiritual components in recovery
La Hacienda Christian Focus Addiction Treatment

Gaining insight about the important aspects of recovery and learning how it interrelates with Christian faith helps patients experience renewed hope based on their core beliefs.

Staff Chaplain Supports Christian Focus

An ordained chaplain on staff provides Christian education and individual counseling and assistance for patients and family members as requested.

The chaplain also serves as liaison with the area Christian community, helping arrange for patients so desiring to visit with a pastor or priest of their denomination.

An Environment for Spiritual Formation

La Hacienda’s Hill Country setting encourages spiritual formation as part of the recovery program for those struggling with addiction. There are many locations on campus for patients to pray, meditate, or discuss spiritual issues with others.

Serenity Hill, featuring an open-air chapel overlooking the scenic Guadalupe River Valley, is one of our campus’ most-loved places to meditate, reflect, and pray.

Seekers Prayer and Meditation Group

Mornings before breakfast the Seekers group meets around a campfire on Serenity Hill for prayer, meditation, and emotional support.

This group is so popular that La Hacienda alumni have created an online version of Seekers so they can continue the fellowship after completing residential treatment.

Bible Study

After Breakfast there is a Christian Focused Bible Study Group. Patients and staff come together, open God’s Word to seek comfort, understanding, and power to help them cope with the trials and troubles that have plagued them in addiction and life in general.

Christian Worship on Sunday Mornings

The chaplain leads a non-denominational Christian worship service every Sunday morning for all patients who wish to participate.

This service of worship, praise, prayer, and singing is held at the open-air Serenity Hill Chapel or indoors in case of inclement weather.

Christian Baptism in the Guadalupe

Some patients choose baptism into the Christian faith as part of their Christian focus at La Hacienda. The sacrament is performed by the chaplain in the Guadalupe River under a canopy of majestic cypress trees.

The full-emersion baptisms normally take place on Wednesdays after lunch. Families are welcome to witness the sacrament.