Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic activities can help patients in recovery improve coping skills and build self-esteem, self-awareness, and self confidence.

Experiential therapies such as recreational activities, adventure therapy in nature, and other physical and emotional activities are effective in helping people to overcome fears and to find their comfort zone in everyday life.

Therapy activities are also valuable tools in meeting mental health challenges and addressing mental health issues.

Healthy and Active Opportunities at La Hacienda

The activities therapy program at La Hacienda Treatment Center includes:

  • Physical fitness exercise
  • Weight training
  • Swimming pool exercises and games
  • Walking trails
  • Ropes course therapy program
Ropes Course | La Hacienda

These activities enable interpersonal growth in abilities and behaviors that help patients work with others.

Ropes Course Therapy

Ropes course therapy involves communication and cooperation. Experiential therapy in a group setting utilizing the ropes courses helps to focus patients on the key issues of:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Cooperation among group members

The confidence, encouragement and self-awareness clients experience from ropes course challenges are internalized by the individual patient and then transferred to other life situations outside of treatment.

Ropes Courses | La Hacienda

A ropes course therapy program teaches patients the positive and negative aspects of strategic risk taking, enabling them to recognize the difference between making healthy and unhealthy decisions.

The Ropes Course Teaches Teamwork

The La Hacienda ropes course involves patients in activities requiring intensive teamwork and cooperation in a supervised environment.

When patients tackle challenges and complete challenges on ropes courses with the help of others, they learn the value of building healthy relationships moving forward. They realize the support of others in recovery can aid them with problem solving and meeting personal challenges.

Ropes Courses are Composed of Low and High Elements

La Hacienda’s ropes challenge course has both low and high elements on which patients can develop trust in themselves and in others, and improve their decision-making, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Both low and high ropes elements help patients learn to communicate better, develop coping skills, and overcome fears.

Ropes Course Therapy Program | La Hacienda

Low Elements

As the name implies, the low elements are on the ground or only a foot or two above it. These are mostly used for group activities.

When patients are on a low element of cables strung between trees, they may be asked, ‘Where are you strongest?’ At the trees, which we liken to their 12-step support group? Or out in the middle with only the cable supporting them and more likely to fall?”

High Elements

The high ropes elements include a climbing wall, a zip line, and a rope walk. While this part of the ropes course usually features one patient addressing personal challenges, they also emotional support from other patients, whose influence matters to the participant.

Another similarity to the 12 steps in ropes course therapy is the practice of having patients who have completed an element go back and help others accomplish the same goal.

Training and Equipment for Patient Safety

Trained, certified activities therapy program staff oversee the activities and industry-approved safety equipment is employed. The ropes challenge course must pass regular testing by state-licensed officials.

The high ropes course includes approved belay and safety systems and equipment including harnesses and helmets.

Walking Trail on Serenity Hill

Those who prefer walking as exercise can walk or run anywhere from a quarter mile to a mile (or more) on the trail loop on Serenity Hill.

For those seeking additional exercise, there are fitness stations along the trail to help them stretch, balance, or increase their heart rate.

Adventure Therapy | La Hacienda

Individual Exercise Routine

Physical health and time permitting, a patient can maintain a regular exercise routine and meet physical fitness goals while in treatment.

Those with an active lifestyle and sufficient energy may enjoy the benefits of an activity schedule that can help boost athletic performance.

Gym for Exercise and Weight Training

Those wishing to facilitate healthier behaviors while in treatment may use the gym for exercise, weight training, or games.

In the gym, staff lead a CORE exercise class for training muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work in harmony, leading to better balance and stability.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

In season, the activity experiential therapies also include group exercise and games in the outdoor swimming pool centrally located near the gym and the Bodega.

Coping Skills | La Hacienda

At La Hacienda Treatment Center

For 50 years La Hacienda Treatment Center has been an industry leader in addiction recovery. Treatment of substance use and co-occurring disorders addresses the medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the diseases.

Building self-confidence and learning healthier behaviors through the ropes course therapy program and other activities is one of the key elements of treatment at La Hacienda.

If you want to learn more about how our therapy program can help improve coping skills and improve the chances for successful addiction recovery, call La Hacienda today and talk with one of our trained admissions specialists.