TAAP Conference Exemplifies Teamwork by Addiction Professionals

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La Hacienda staff at TAAP 2019

Photo: Case Manager Justin Rumbo, Weekend Counselor Lisa Hale, Collegiate Case Manager Amanda Antonini and Collegiate Program Director Mary Azar, among other La Hacienda staff, were present for the Town Hall Meeting at TAAP 2019. One of the examples of teamwork that we’re recognizing in September during Recovery Month is coordination among members of the treatment profession. Fittingly, 800 counselors … Read More

Networking Serves Our Patients’ Needs

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Janet Blackburn at Meier Clinic

PHOTO: Director of Clinical Services Janet Blackburn talks to counselors and pastoral caregivers about Identifying and treating Substance Use Disorders during a “lunch and learn” event at the Meier Clinic in Dallas. “Together We Are Stronger,” says the 2019 Recovery Month theme. La Hacienda–and many reputable treatment centers around the country–operate daily based on that belief. “The key is finding … Read More

Teamwork is Heart of 2019 Recovery Month Theme

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Helping people achieve recovery from addiction and alcoholism is a team effort, and that is the focal point of the Recovery Month 2019 theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger.” During September, La Hacienda and other treatment centers and professionals across the U.S. will be emphasizing the need to share resources and build networks to support recovery. … Read More

Collegiate Program Helps at Critical Age

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Carol McCarrick, LCDC, Collegiate Program Case Manager

It’s late August, and most college and university students are back on their campuses, busy with fall semester classes. Other young men and women in their early 20s are working, having fun, and maybe starting families. Whether its higher education, work or love and children, 18 to 24-year-olds havemuch to anticipate. Their decisions will impact the rest of their lives. … Read More

Cade Saurage to Address Fort Worth TAAP

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Cade Saurage of La Hacienda Treatment Center

PHOTO: Cade Saurage leads a workshop at the 2018 NAATP Leadership Conference in Denver. Cade Saurage, La Hacienda’s Director of Utilization Management and Partnerships, will speak to the August 28 membership meeting of the Fort Worth Chapter of Texas Association of Addiction Professionals.  “Managed Care Friendly: A Guide to Better Reimbursement and a More Effective Process” is the topic. “I … Read More

University of Alabama Recovery Group Partners with La Hacienda

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PHOTO: University of Alabama Recovery and Intervention Services Assistant Director John Lovett (left) and Coordinator of Recovery Services Jaime Garza (right) met with Director of Business Development Elizabeth Olson during a visit to La Hacienda earlier this year. Another way in which La Hacienda commits to young adults is through partnerships with student recovery programs at colleges and universities. For … Read More

Chris Raymer to Lead San Angelo Workshop

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Getting sober and staying that way is hard. Chris Raymer, our Recovery Community Director, knows; he’s been there. “I spent seven years trying to get sober–meetings, therapy, meds, church–nothing seemed to work consistently,” says Chris. “I’m always amazed me how some folks seem to get well so quickly, while some of us continued to struggle.” For him, the answer came … Read More

Alumni Support Staff on the Road in August

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Our Alumni Support Representatives will be on the road meeting with former patients in Fort Worth, Tyler, College Station, Austin, Houston and Midland this month.  Sabine Kuenzel will be in Fort Worth on Tuesday, Aug. 13; in Tyler on Wednesday, Aug. 14; and in College Station, on Thursday, Aug. 15, for the regular alumni meetings in those cities. The Tyler … Read More

Helping Young Adults Through Treatment and Scholarships

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Photo: Sherri Layton and Sierra Castedo de Martell hold the ARHE Philanthropist of the Year Award presented to La Hacienda during a ceremony at Boston’s Fenway Park. For young people in their late teens and early twenties with their adult lives ahead of them, recovery means a chance to fulfill dreams. That’s why helping them recover from substance use disorders … Read More

Kratom: Not Worth the Risks

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The unregulated drug known as kratom is in the news as the general public, scientists, and health officials debate its benefits versus its risks. Dr. Katie McQueen of the La Hacienda medical staff urges potential users to refrain from taking this “natural” drug until more scientific research is done to prove what it does and in what form or dose … Read More