La Hacienda Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Recovery Programs

La Hacienda Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Recovery Programs

Addiction is a treatable disease which manifests itself in many complex physical, behavioral, psychological and spiritual patterns. These symptoms affect not just the identified patient but also, in a very profound way, the entire family. We further believe that once an individual develops the disease of chemical dependency, recovery can only occur if total abstinence is maintained from all mood/mind-altering chemicals unless competently prescribed. Continuing care follow-up and involvement in a 12-Step support program are essential to the recovery process.

Medical and Detoxification Services:
Medical supervision is provided 24 hours a day by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel until the patient has successfully completed the detoxification process in our Special Care Unit.

Adult Chemical Dependency Recovery Program:
Successful treatment of alcoholism and other drug addictions is rooted in the immersion of a 12-Step Program and solid counseling administered by a competent and empathetic staff.

Collegiate Chemical Dependency Recovery Program:
Meeting the challenges of individuals 18 to 24 years old who are suffering from alcohol and other drug use.

Recovering Professionals Program:
Program designed for those whose profession requires licensure or certification.

Prescription Drug Dependence:
La Hacienda has been treating prescription drug addiction successfully for over 30 years.

Relapse Program:
Program provides specialized education and process groups which focus on the specific problematic issues the patient is presenting.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Program:
Patients motivated to seek a deeper understanding of recovery principles and the coping mechanisms for sustaining recovery can request admission to “Foundation Stone,” La Hacienda Treatment Center’s 90-day addiction treatment program.

Co-Occurring Disorders Program:
Program for individuals who have co-occurring disorders. Patients with a history of major depression, bi-polar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD or other diagnoses along with a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency can be helped.

Christian Focus Group:
For those who desire to incorporate their Christian faith into their recovery.

Family Program:
Program for patients and family members to gain insight into the impact of addiction on the family unit.

Therapeutic Activities:
La Hacienda provides a variety of therapeutic activities including a weight room, swimming pool, gymnasium and ROPES course.

Alumni Services and Continuing Care:
Treatment is only the beginning of recovery. The continuing care recommended by La Hacienda provides referrals and services that complement treatment.