La Hacienda Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Recovery Programs

Addiction is a treatable disease which manifests itself in many complex physical, behavioral, psychological, and spiritual patterns.

La Hacienda believes that once an individual develops the disease of chemical dependency– commonly referred to as drug and alcohol addiction or substance abuse, or clinically diagnosed as a substance use disorder—full recovery can only occur if total abstinence is maintained from all mood/mind-altering chemicals.

The Recovery Process Addresses Alcohol, Addiction & Recovery

La Hacienda’s residential treatment program addresses addiction, co-occurring disorders, relapse prevention, and individualized treatment strategies for adults and young adults.

As a leading alcohol addiction treatment center, people come to La Hacienda from around the country. Our medical, nursing, and clinical team select treatment options for inpatient care, leading to high-quality treatment throughout their stay on campus.

Our on-campus medical professionals thoroughly assess patients upon admission, perform physical examinations when needed, help devise a treatment plan, supervise detoxification, and provide daily medical support.

The professional nursing staff collaborates with the medical team to ensure each patient experiences a safe and comfortable detoxification. Nursing staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with medical, nursing, and therapeutic needs. Doctors prescribe medications based on a patient’s medical history and need, such as withdrawal symptoms.

La Hacienda’s Special Care Unit provides rooms equipped for patients undergoing medically supervised detoxification. The modern facility also houses the doctors’ offices, nurses’ station, treatment rooms, and a medication room.

La Hacienda approaches successful treatment through immersion in the 12-steps, individual and group therapy, experiential therapy, support groups, and community activities. La Hacienda’s trained and licensed counselors draw from a variety of  therapeutic modalities tailored to each patient.

Family therapy is available through the Family Program, and the Activities Therapy staff facilitate physical and esteem-building exercises.

Mental health treatment is provided through therapy in individual and group counseling, and through visits with on-staff psychiatrists. Behavioral therapy offers therapeutic options that can be continued in outpatient care.

Young men and women 18 to 24 years of age have issues particular to their place in life The pressures of transitioning from the homes in which they grew up, going to school, entering into social relationships, and seeking employment for the first time are unique to them.

The Collegiate Program consists of about 25% of the total patient population.  It is  gender-specific for daily group therapy and co-ed for life skills groups. The emphasis on treatment is tailored to address the age-related challenges in recovery for young adults.

Our treatment program for young adults acknowledges that the entire family is affected by their disorder. Family counseling is available to parents and siblings through La Hacienda’s three-day Family Program.

La Hacienda offers special support for recovering professionals whose vocations require licensure or certification and whose livelihood can be jeopardized by drug or alcohol use.

These support groups are geared toward doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, airline pilots, law enforcement, fire fighters, flight attendants, nurses, and other professions with highly stressful work environments and the need for confidentiality.  Many times these are safety-sensitive positions which require ongoing support and monitoring. Our professional program counselors work with monitoring agencies to improve long-term positive outcomes.

We also help with the patients’ vocational rehabilitation needs, preparing them to meet the standards of their professions for long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Family Program | La Hacienda

Family Program

Recovery life is easier when all members of the family are actively engaged in recovery.

La Hacienda offers a three-day program for patients and family members to gain insight into substance use disorders and discover how each individual can address the effects of this disease on themselves and the family unit.

The Family Program is offered without additional program cost to the relatives of patients in the alcohol and chemical dependency recovery programs. It is helpful for family members wanting to support their loved ones to live free of drug and alcohol addiction

Alcohol And Chemical Dependency Recovery Programs | La Hacienda

Alumni Services and Continuing Care

Aftercare services are an important part of the La Hacienda continuum of care. Every identified patient has access to our alumni groups.

Every family can participate in family support groups in various locations around Texas.

La Hacienda is Dedicated to Helping Others

Addiction treatment programs created to meet individual needs and provided in a healing treatment setting by dedicated healthcare and clinical professionals results in successful programs of care.

Located in Hunt, Texas, on a 40-acre campus, La Hacienda is within driving distance of most of Texas and easily accessible from the San Antonio and Austin airports. Upon request, a driver will meet incoming patients arriving in these cities.

For more information about different programs offered, call La Hacienda Treatment Center today and find out more about the benefits of starting recovery through La Hacienda.

Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment

La Hacienda Treatment Center is in-network with many major insurance providers and patients’ benefits often include our treatment program. The La Hacienda staff verifies coverage when admission to the program is requested.

Some individuals prefer to pay cash for treatment and our rates are competitive in the market for top-quality addiction treatment.