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40th Reunion Fun!

40th Reunion Fun
Our 40th annual reunion is behind us and we are grateful for everyone who helped make it a success. On Saturday we had 424 for lunch and 160 alumni and guests were here for dinner on Friday. Despite the rain we had a larger than average crowd here on Friday night. And speaking of the rain – although it did rain throughout our events Friday night we were blessed to have breaks in the rain on Saturday at just the right times. Everyone seemed to take it all in stride and it did not dampen our spirits. That giant tent sure helps keep things dry!

The true blessing of the weekend were the awesome crew of volunteers from our alumni and Kerrville recovery community who helped out in so many ways. There were a total of 46 volunteers, some of whom worked from Friday through Sunday. We also had a lot of help from staff!

During the birthday meeting we gave out sobriety chips ranging from 1 year to 27 years! It was a great encouragement to hear from so many people about how their time at La Hacienda impacted them in such a powerful and life-changing way. We saw so much great recovery this weekend!

Thank you to everyone who helped out. We already are planning a few changes for next year and would welcome your thoughts on anything we might do to improve reunion for future years.

The Alumni Team