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allison sullivan moyer and hailey olden, service awards

Activities Therapy Director Loves Her Work

Activities Therapy Director Allison Sullivan Moyer (right) with her 25-year service award, and her assistant, Hailey Olden, with her 2-year award.

As of October 2020, Allison Sullivan Moyer has been “paid to play” (her words) at La Hacienda for 25 years. That’s because, as Director of Activities Therapy, she spends much of her work day outside. And she loves helping others.

 “You could say I’m solar-powered,” says the woman who directs the Ropes Course and water aerobics. She is also in charge of exercise and fitness activities inside the Gym and creative activities in the Art Room.

Allison is well qualified for the job. She is a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist, a SAMA Instructor, an EMT-B first responder, a Certified Personal Trainer from the Cooper Institute, and a Challenge Course Facilitator.

View from the Top

In her hours away from La Hacienda, she enjoys camping, walking, running, bike riding and swimming. “I’ve even been accused of doing an Ironman or ten,” she says with a smile.

Last summer she hiked the High Sierra Trail up California’s Mount Whitney. From its peak at 14,497 feet—the highest point in the lower 48 contiguous states—she watched the sun rise. “It totally reminded me of who’s large and in charge.”

Shares Enthusiasm for Nature

Allison enjoys sharing nature with patients and helping them “find those things within that truly helps drive them and encourages them as far as taking care of themselves.”

“I love helping them find the passion that they’re going to need to help drive them through their sobriety.”

What’s That Place?

Allison found out about La Hacienda while driving past it with friends one day.

“I asked, ‘What’s La Hacienda?’ and they told me it was a treatment center. I said, ‘I’ve never done that before. I’ll check it out.”

She inherited the beginnings of the Ropes Course and oversaw its development into the facility we have today.

“Twenty-five years later, they’re still hanging on to me and I absolutely love my job.”