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Art VanDivier National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

Art VanDivier Appointed NAATP Chairman of the Board

Art VanDivier National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
Art VanDivier, Executive Director
At the 2017 National Addiction Leadership Conference, held by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), Art VanDivier, our Executive Director, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors. NAATP’s Board of Directors is comprised of CEOs, presidents, and owners of 24 different treatment centers and organizations. Art has served on the board for the past 14 years as a board member, Vice Chair and now Chairman of the Board.Art’s new role gives him the opportunity to make sure NAATP’s Executive Director has the resources he needs to meet the challenges that face today’s addiction treatment industry.  Art says:

This is a 2-year term.  I served as the Vice Chair for 2 years and now I’m stepping into the role of Chairman of the Board.  After this term, I will spend 2 additional years as a Past Chair serving on the Executive Committee.  So, it’s kind of a six-year gig.  Right now the treatment industry is moving at a fast pace. There is a great deal of press around the opioid epidemic that is killing thousands and yet alcohol kills more people annually than any other drug. Treatment providers nationwide must join together to have a greater influence in shaping both State and Federal laws, in expanding our position on ethical business practices, treatment standards and to seek dialogue with Payers that will allow us to work together toward a common goal of successful outcomes. I’m really committed to doing the best that I can. You wouldn’t believe the talent that exists on this board. I believe the potential is there to accomplish great things.

Recently, Art visited NAATP’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado meeting with several industry leaders.  Art says, “We reviewed our progress over the past two years and then looked ahead to goals for 2017 and ‘18.  It’s a very stimulating environment and an exciting time to be part of the Board of Directors.”