A Hope for the Addiction Treatment Industry: Art VanDivier

Art VanDivierLa Hacienda

A Hope for the Addiction Treatment Industry La Hacienda Treatment Center

In October I will reach my 40th year of service to individuals caught in the destructive cycle of chemical dependency. As I look back, like many who chose this profession, I wanted to make a difference. Have I achieved that goal? The answer is a resounding yes, but not in the way you might think. 40 years of working with … Read More

La Hacienda Opens New Medical Special Care Unit

Art VanDivierLa Hacienda

By Art VanDivier, Executive Director I started working at La Hacienda while in graduate school in 1979. Opening in 1972, La Hacienda was already established as a drug and alcohol rehab center and has remained so for the past 41 years. As a new counselor I volunteered to sit with a patient that was having a difficult withdrawal from heroin. … Read More