2018 Alumni Reunion Speakers!

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Announcing 2018 Alumni Reunion Speakers! Jay K. – Houston, TX Marigny M. – Santa Monica, CA Jason J. – Happy Valley, OR Plan to join us May 4, 5, 6 for these fantastic speakers! #laharecovery

2017 Alumni Reunion Thank You

Alyssa ReavisAlumni Reunion

La Hacienda’s 45th Annual Alumni Reunion was a huge success! We are grateful to all that came out to spend their weekend with us. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with a special thank you to our speakers: Kristen, Katie and Don. You were very well received by all those who attended. (Speaker tapes can be purchased from CD’s … Read More

2017 Annual Alumni Reunion Recovery Chips

Alyssa ReavisAlumni Reunion

We are very proud of our alumni who picked up their chips this past weekend at our Annual Alumni Reunion. We gave out 67 tokens total, including 2 desire tokens. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. #laharecovery

2017 Alumni Reunion T-Shirts

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The Alumni Reunion T-shirts look great! This year the shirts feature the quote “Life Will Take on New Meaning” from page 89 in the Big Book. It features an all-seeing eye to represent divine intervention and a lotus flower, symbolizing enlightenment. Through the steps and services to others, we awaken and gain access to a Higher Power which not only … Read More

La Hacienda’s 45th Reunion Tents are up!

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The big Alumni Reunion tent is up and ready to go. The 45th Annual Alumni Reunion Kicks off Tomorrow! Thank you to Class A Event Rentals from Fredericksburg, Texas for setting the tent up for us. #laharecovery