Texas Sage Legend Relates to Spiritual Foundation

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Spirituality and Recovery

Cenizo or Texas Sage puts on a showy celebration after a summer rain.

Around the flagpoles downhill from the pool, in front of the Family Program Building, and next to the chapel on Serenity Hill, large Texas sage bushes blossom into life at La Hacienda shortly after Hill Country summertime rains. Honeybees swarm the blanket of pink blossoms, but butterflies love the plants with or without flowers. They lay their eggs on its … Read More

My Thoughts for the Day!!

Kaye SmithSpirituality and Recovery

I’ve been known to express deep feelings of hatred for change but today I’m experiencing something completely different. I am excited! Reflecting on my life shows me that through each major change in my life I’ve grown closer to God. It’s so easy to trust him when everything is going my way! How funny? When everything is going my way … Read More

Morning Meditation….What’s your ritual?

La HaciendaSpirituality and Recovery

Kimberly Davila (Community Outreach Specialist): Each morning before anyone is up, I put on my meditation music and sit still for 15 min on a pillow on the floor in our study. This is my time to talk to God and ask for guidance that day and his will. Now having Olivia (my daughter), I share with her my daily … Read More

Winning the Game

La HaciendaSpirituality and Recovery

I first attended the huddle in 1974. I attended a 12-step meeting. I was attracted to the cheerleaders, but quickly fumbled and stepped out of bounds. I was intercepted years later by my wife and stepped back into the huddle knowing little of how to play by the rules. After a few years of not reading the playbook or having … Read More