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La Hacienda Attends Code 4 Northwest Fundraising Gala

La Hacienda Treatment Center Attends Code 4 Northwest Fundraising Gala
La Hacienda is a proud partner of Code 4 Northwest. Code 4 Northwest hosted a fundraising gala to honor the passionate men and women who give their time and their resources, free of charge, to serving Washington state first responders in times of need by assisting them in the form of personalized services and resources, available through their crisis line.

Code 4 Northwest is a free, confidential, volunteer-run crisis response and referral network. Code 4 Northwest offers Washington state active and retired first responders, corrections, civilian support personnel, EMS and their families access to the best help possible when in crisis. Their sole purpose is to build a community of support for public safety professionals in the state of Washington.

Founder Steve Redmond was honored with a prestigious award for his services by the Washington State House of Representatives.

The event began with a Bagpipe Serenade honoring those killed in the line of duty.

Code 4 Northwest’s crisis hotline is 425-243-5092.



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