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nurses counselors without masks

Faces of Staff Who Continue Aiding Recovery During Pandemic

Recently we posted the image below of the masked faces of 12 members of our nursing and clinical staffs to point out that despite the pandemic, they continue to provide treatment and care for our patients.

The masks are necessary because most of their work is done in person, but as we noted then, “their eyes still watch over our patients and see that they get the best care and a start on the road to recovery.”

Now, let’s identify them.

On the first row, from left, they are Sandra Meadow, LVN; Steve Marcee, LCDC; Lindsay Loveless, LVN; and Amanda Antonini, LCDC.

The second row are Paul Moses, LPC; Lisa Hale, LPC-S/LCDC; Julianne Hunnicutt, LPC/LCDC; and Bill Levens, LCDC.

And the third row are Emily Ashley, RN; Randall DeRubeis, LVN; April Carr, RN; and Michelle Savage, LCDC.

The need for addiction treatment persists during the pandemic and these staff members – and many others – are making sure that care is available.