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Family Program at La Hacienda

The Family Program is available to all patients and their families and usually takes place as the patient is ready, generally 3rd or 4th week of treatment. The La Hacienda Family Program staff provides family members program, schedule, and lodging information which is located on our website on the Family Program page. For family members without web access, the team sends out a packet as needed with the same detailed information about family week and where to stay. This contact with information and some guidance is typically made within the first 5 days of the patient admitting. There is information about what to expect from your patient as well as common reactions family members may experience. Below is a list of these common experiences for family:

  1. A tendency to keep secrets or avoid talking to staff regarding telephone communication between patient and family during treatment.
  2. A temptation to minimize family problems.
  3. Blaming staff of the program for the problems you are experiencing in your life.
  4. Resentment towards family member in treatment: “He/She’s getting help and I’m not!”
  5. A greater focus on problems that could wait until treatment is completed.
  6. Believing that non-chemically-dependent family members do not need a recovery support system.
  7. Resistance to attending family support groups, Al-Anon meetings or La Hacienda Family Program.
  8. Telling yourself that what you are experiencing now or what happened in the past is or was not that bad and that other people’s needs are more important.

With authorization to make contact in place, the Family Program Staff will start the ball rolling toward a rewarding experience for all invited guests. We look forward to the chance to be of assistance.