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10 Questions – Get to know our Counselors

Amy Madrid
Amy Madrid, LCDC
Case Manager
La Hacienda Treatment Center
1. Favorite Breakfast Food? Nutella (does anyone really eat that?)

2. Favorite movie that made me cry? Mars Attacks

3. Something that no one really knows about me? I brush my teeth and hair with my feet.

4. Pet Peeves? People who throw cigarettes out the car window. All other drivers on the road but me.

5. What I am most proud of? My latest pedi color choice.

6. Worst habit? Cheese addiction. Anyone else? Come forward, just takes 2 to have a meeting. We admitted we were powerless over cheese-that our guts had become unmanageable.

7. What I love about my job? Fri 4pm

8. My approach to counseling? Your proctologist called while you were admitting, they’ve found your head…………….Is that wrong?

9. A Message to my previous clients? Always love “my girls”, even when I want to smack the life out of ‘em. I usually have to get in line with their families…

10. What counselor should we feature next time & why? Louis Romano, because he will hate this…sorry bro.