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La Hacienda is a Cigna Center of Excellence | La Hacienda

La Hacienda is a Cigna Center of Excellence

Cigna Insurance recently recognized La Hacienda Treatment Center as a Cigna Center of Excellence to treat Substance Use Disorders. La Hacienda Executive Director Art VanDivier said the recognition is another example of the treatment center continuing to improve as it approaches its 50th year of operation. “This designation is further evidence of the quality of service and documentation provided by our physicians, nurses, and clinical staff,” said VanDivier. “It is something of which we are very proud.” This recognition is among one of the many things that La Hacienda has done to display their dedication to helping those who struggle with substance abuse.

Choosing a Care Provider is an Important Decision

Choosing a Care Provider is an Important Decision | La Hacienda

Deciding where to receive the most appropriate care is an important personal decision for health care consumers. That is why the company developed its Cigna Centers of Excellence program — to help customers in their time of need. Knowing which to choose can be overwhelming, especially during a personal health crisis.

What is a Cigna Center of Excellence?

The Centers of Excellence (COE) program evaluates patient outcomes and cost data for network-participating providers. A treatment center or hospital receives a score of up to three stars for patient outcomes and three stars for cost efficiency. If a facility attains at least five stars, it is designated as a Cigna Center of Excellence. The program is designed to meet the growing demand of customers for effectiveness and cost information to help them make informed choices about where to seek care.

La Hacienda Receives an Honor for Top Providers

“One of the best ways we can help customers access simple, affordable, and predictable health care is by working with providers to ensure the care they are delivering is high quality. The Cigna Center of Excellence designation is an honor that only those top providers can earn,” said Dr. Doug Nemecek, Chief Medical Officer, Cigna Behavioral Health, Inc. A list of behavioral health providers that are Centers of Excellence is on the Cigna website.

Data Controls the Center of Excellence Selection Process

Based on data, not advertising, Cigna identifies in-network facilities that provide quality, cost-effective care. Patient outcomes and cost-efficiency metrics use nationally recognized standards that include:

  • National accreditation
  • Total number of annual admissions
  • Readmission rates
  • Total cost per episode
  • Seven-day ambulatory follow-up
  • Discharge to a network-participating provider

The result is a nationwide network of residential treatment locations for mental health, substance use, and eating disorder treatment.

What is a Center of Excellence in Health Care?

What is a Center of Excellence in Health Care? | La Hacienda

As formally defined by BMC Health Services Research, a center of excellence is “a program within a health care institution which is assembled to supply an exceptionally high concentration of expertise and related resources centered on a particular area of medicine, delivering associated care in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary fashion to afford the best patient outcomes possible.”

“… Centers of excellence are essentially places where excellence on a particular medical front is delivered in a unique, focused manner to patients. Specialty areas frequently housed in centers of excellence include cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, ophthalmology, bariatric surgery, and neurology, just to name a few.”

Being a Center of Excellence is among the many reasons why La Hacienda Treatment Center is recognized as being a highly sought-after treatment center while consistently focusing on providing high quality care to the clients they see.

What is Cigna Care Designation?

To help Cigna customers with relevant information to make their own health care decisions, the company evaluates provider data using a Cigna methodology consistent with national standards and incorporating provider feedback on contracted providers. Groups that meet Cigna’s specific quality and cost information can receive the Cigna Care Designation (CCD), which denotes a higher-performing provider.

Working Together for Better Health Care Since 2003

La Hacienda Treatment Center has been in network with Cigna and been able to provide opportunities for individuals looking for drug addiction and alcoholism treatment since 2003. La Hacienda’s Utilization Review Department works with Cigna to see that patients covered by its policies get the maximum quality treatment allowed and become free from drugs or alcohol with a plan for long-term recovery. That cooperation is steadily broadening. “We value our relationship with CIGNA,” says Utilization Review Director Michelle Sweet. “We look forward to even stronger cooperation with them to ensure patients get the treatment they need in a healthy timeframe.” Because La Hacienda Treatment Center is in-network with Cigna, it creates more chances for people to get the help they need in regards to addiction treatment.

La Hacienda Recognized for High Standards of Excellence

Being named a Cigna Center of Excellence distinction is the latest acknowledgment that La Hacienda Treatment Center provides quality care and an excellent 12-step recovery program. Other recognition that helps prospective patients know they will be in good hands here are accreditation by the Joint Commission and licensure by the State of Texas.   La Hacienda also subscribes to the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) Code of Ethics.

For More Information About La Hacienda and Insurance

To learn more about the La Hacienda treatment team, recovery program, or for information on the cost of treatment, call (844) 962-0980 or visit our website. La Hacienda accepts most major insurance policies, but there are many insurance providers around the country with thousands of policies, each written differently.   The best way to determine the validity of health insurance for Substance Use Disorder treatment at La Hacienda is to have our Admissions staff verify it.