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La Hacienda Treatment Center Family Program National Recovery Month

La Hacienda Treatment Center: Family Program and Support

La Hacienda Treatment Center Family Program National Recovery Month
We believe the family of a chemically dependent person needs to be equally informed about the nature of alcoholism and addiction. It is highly imperative that family members be educated about the progression of substance abuse and how they can be most supportive. A new life in recovery begins with the process of letting go with love, getting rid of guilt and shame, and learning to take care of one’s self. Essentially, we want the chemically dependent person to return home to a family who is educated about this disease. Very few people have prior knowledge that addiction is going to interrupt their lives. Most are surprised when addiction hits their family. At that point, they are not sure what to do, and it can be extremely confusing. In fact, without knowing it, family members fuel the addiction with enabling behaviors that take them deeper into their codependency. At La Hacienda, we are proud to provide a series of topics within our Family Program that equip family members and concerned others with the skills necessary to be in this fight. We want family members to learn how to empower rather than enable, how to take care of themselves, and how to influence rather than control. The medical lecture provided by our physicians includes the most current information about addiction. Family members have ranked this as one of the highlights of our family week. Also, we facilitate exceptional groups on topics about feelings and recovery, boundaries, codependency, returning home, recovery for the family, patient and family needs, 12 Steps and Traditions, and creating a family recovery plan. Since most people affected or impacted by addiction have lost the ability to communicate honestly or that ability has been compromised at the highest level, we offer process groups that allow patients and their families to start communicating honestly and work on sharing thoughts and feelings openly.
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