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La Hacienda Solutions 30th Anniversary

La Hacienda Solutions 30 year Anniversay Open House
On Wednesday, we celebrated La Hacienda’s Solutions’ 30 year anniversary. We had 6 special guests tell the history of Solutions in their own words: Chuck Roper, Solutions’ founder in 1985 – the inception, Sherri Layton – the acquisition from CPC in 1996, Nancy Howell – the early La Ha Solutions days, Wes Humphrey – La Ha Solutions’ second decade, Carla Allen – La Ha Solutions today, and Art VanDivier—the future of La Hacienda and Solutions. Thank you to Lydia and Sherri for the beautifully decorated room and to all the local providers and industry professionals, many of whom made a point of saying how informative and enjoyable the whole experience was.

A program with 30 years of history is rare in addiction treatment industry. We are very proud of Solutions’ consistency in the quality of care they provide for our patients.