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Hot Topic on Managed Care at the National Addiction Leadership Conference

Managed Care Friendly Utilization Review
At the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers’ 2017 National Addiction Leadership Conference in Austin, TX, La Hacienda’s Cade Saurage presented a workshop on the topic “Managed Care Friendly – A guide to better reimbursement and a simpler process”.  Utilization Review is a critical evaluation (as by a licensed treatment team member) of health-care services provided to patients that are made especially for the purpose of controlling costs and monitoring quality of care.  In Cade’s workshop, he talked about what can be done to improve insurance reviews and pointed out how important it is to hire the right team to do that job. Cade discussed 10 points to ponder before the review and showed how to conduct a successful review.   A successful review will create a better picture of what a patient is experiencing to an insurance company.

Cade Saurage is the Director of Utilization Management and Strategic Partnerships for La Hacienda and has been working in managed healthcare for over 15 years. Currently, his role is to supervise La Hacienda’s Utilization Review strategy and secure partnerships with national organizations and managed care affiliates.


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Alyssa Reavis is a Writer for La Hacienda Treatment Center, a rehabilitation center dedicated to serving the needs of alcohol and chemically dependent individuals and their families. She covers drug and alcohol addiction, rehabilitation treatment and it’s long-term benefits. Alyssa is a University of Texas graduate, designer and outdoor lover from Fredericksburg, TX. In her free time, you can find her roaming the local gems of the Hill Country.