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Morning Meditation….What’s your ritual?

Kimberly Davila (Community Outreach Specialist): Each morning before anyone is up, I put on my meditation music and sit still for 15 min on a pillow on the floor in our study. This is my time to talk to God and ask for guidance that day and his will. Now having Olivia (my daughter), I share with her my daily reading. Olivia and I sit together and I read a daily devotional book called, Jesus Calling. Say our morning prayer and get our day started.

Holly Shirley (Inquiry Call Manager): God Calling & My Utmost for His Highest
You might try the Bible!

Alison Broussard (Continuing Care Coordinator): That is exactly what I do…those same exact books…including the Bible…weird. Great minds Holly 🙂
Oh oops…no my other one is “Jesus Calling”…I have God Calling” in my office.

Rod Ames (Inquiry Call Representative) :
Wake up, get out of bed
I drag a comb across my head
I find my way downstairs and drink a cup And looking up, I notice I am lateI find my coat and grab my hat
I make the bus in seconds flat

I find my way upstairs and have a smoke
When somebody speaks I go into a dream
Ahh, ahh, ahh

It’s all about the music for me

Lisa Schreckenbach (Business Office Manager): Led Zepplin. And what I do and with whom in the mornings is none of your business.