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New Houston Community Outreach Specialist

La Hacienda welcomes our newest member to the La Hacienda family. Ben Carrettin will be joining us in the Houston area as a Community Outreach Specialist.
La Hacienda's Newest Community Outreach Specialist
Ben loves life and finds his bliss more and more each day helping others rediscover what makes life worth living. Ben has extensive and diverse experience in multiple arenas of business, behavioral health and addiction recovery. Culture, traditions and social customs have always been a special interest and were likely what propelled him to backpack through Europe to Turkey many years ago. He received his B.A. from University of Saint Thomas and his M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Texas Southern University on full scholarship. Ben blends his corporate, culture and clinical together in his practice where he works with diverse professionals struggling with grief/loss, serious and terminal illness and of course, addiction – with a special focus on opiates and alcohol.

When he isn’t out representing La Hacienda, Ben revels in adventuring with his family; his wife Jennifer and two children Addie (10 years) and Ronan (8 years). Ben loves oil and acrylic painting, soccer, hiking and outdoors play, volunteering at a local community garden and working his own. And although Ben’s only prowess to date on the green was as a kid at the local Putt-Putt, he just got a set of clubs and is determined to learn to play.

Ben will be co-covering the Greater Houston area, with special focus on physician and clinician practices. You’re bound to see his smile in the community or at your door very soon.