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Meet Nikki Saurage – Our New Alumni Support Representative

Nikki Saurage is the newest addition to La Hacienda’s Alumni Team. She came to Kerrville, Texas to get sober on May 31, 2007 with just a car and some clothes. Over the past 7 years, she has rekindled a marriage, founded women’s recovery homes, shown her two precious children the real power in a relationship with God, and now feels truly blessed to come and work for La Hacienda. Through many great recovery-inspired relationships, Nikki has been trained and mentored by strong women to learn the industry. Leaving her business was the most difficult thing she has ever done but looks forward to challenges ahead. She is currently in school for her Business Administration Degree, a full time mommy to a 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son, a wife to a Recovered husband, and feels so grateful for what she has found through both the 12 steps and her spiritual walk. Nikki says her passion is also for Addiction Advocacy.

“I believe the stigma can change by us doing our part to advocate for those who don’t have a voice. When I returned to Kerrville, I was welcomed and loved into this program by women who fought for me”.

Nikki’s role at her new job is 12-step introduction and hopes to inspire new patients to try the same journey that she holds so dearly. Even her mother, who recently joined the Behavioral Health workforce, jokingly remarks, “if Nikki and Cade can get sober, anyone can.”

Nikki’s favorite line from the Big Book is “My old manner of life was by no means a bad one, but if would not trade my best memories of yesterday for my worst today. I would not go back , even if I could.”