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High Functioning Depression | La Hacienda

High Functioning Depression

Everyone is fighting a battle that no one else knows about. Many people may appear happy and well put together, especially in front of family,

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Signs of Alcoholism | La Hacienda

Recognizing the Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic and potentially debilitating disorder that affects individuals across the globe. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse is crucial for

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What Is Greening Out?

Almost everyone knows what blacking out means — when a person drinks too much alcohol and can’t remember what happened. However, “greening out” is an

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What is Narcan® and How is It Used? | La Hacienda

What is Narcan® and How is It Used?

Narcan® (naloxone hydrochloride) Nasal Spray is a brand name for an opioid antagonist used for emergency medical care of victims of opioid overdose. It offsets

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