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My Thoughts for the Day!!

Thought of the Day
I’ve been known to express deep feelings of hatred for change but today I’m experiencing something completely different. I am excited! Reflecting on my life shows me that through each major change in my life I’ve grown closer to God. It’s so easy to trust him when everything is going my way! How funny? When everything is going my way or at least when I’m doing the driving I often find myself in a ditch wondering how I could have possibly gotten there! Nobody ever said it would be easy! I remember what my first AA sponsor told me a long time ago, “Kaye everything you’ve ever let go of has claw marks all over it from you holding on so tight”! ” Today I will embrace the changes in my life. I will let go and trust God. Today I’ll breathe easier knowing he’s got my back!!

-Kaye Smith


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Kaye Smith was born in Oklahoma but says she got to Texas as soon as she could. She grew up in Irving, Texas in the sixties and is happy to say she now has 18 years of personal recovery. She is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Substance Abuse Professional. After graduating from the Hazelden Addiction Training School she began her counseling career at the American Indian Center in Euless, Texas. In 2008 Kaye made the transition from counseling to business development. Kaye’s passion is to be of service in any way she can for those in the field and those seeking help for themselves or someone they know. She has served as vice-president of the board of directors for the North Dallas chapter of EAPA as well as the president of the Dallas chapter of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals. She loves being involved in advocacy for the addiction field both at state and federal levels. She is well known as a mentor, friend and colleague to many professionals, interns and students throughout the state of Texas. On a personal note, Kaye is happily married to her husband Charlie. She recently celebrated her one year anniversary and says she is living her dream, being married to Charlie, living on their ranch in Terrell, Texas and working for La Hacienda Treatment Center. How could it get any better? Kaye’s favorite saying is “It’s not about just weathering the storm. It’s about leaning to dance in the rain.”