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Representative Andrew Murr Speaks About Legislation at La Hacienda

Representative Andrew Murr Visits La Hacienda Treatment Center
Representative Andrew Murr visited La Hacienda this week to share about the legislative work this year that he and other passionately dedicated individuals have been working on to promote and grow the addiction treatment industry. This year, the State of Texas specifically took a big interest in mental health and substance abuse. Murr shared about issues being addressed, like the elimination of industry discriminatory practices – treating mental health or substance use disorders differently than any other health condition. La Hacienda employees got to learn about these legislative movements while enjoying cookies, cake, and refreshments. Sherri Layton presented Representative Murr with his very own engraved stone on behalf of La Hacienda to show our appreciation. A huge thank you to Representative Andrew Murr, for visiting us at La Hacienda and for your work to benefit all Texans with substance abuse disorders!!

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Alyssa Reavis is a Writer for La Hacienda Treatment Center, a rehabilitation center dedicated to serving the needs of alcohol and chemically dependent individuals and their families. She covers drug and alcohol addiction, rehabilitation treatment and it’s long-term benefits. Alyssa is a University of Texas graduate, designer and outdoor lover from Fredericksburg, TX. In her free time, you can find her roaming the local gems of the Hill Country.