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Why Wait Seek Treatment During Holiday Season La Hacienda Treatment Center

Why Wait? Seek Treatment During the Holidays


Why Wait Seek Treatment During Holiday Season La Hacienda Treatment Center
Once November 1st hits the calendars, people hardly have time to let Thanksgiving shine before the Christmas decorations hit city streets and neighborhoods, and grocery stores begin stocking their shelves with holiday-themed goodies, and streams of green and red flash before your eyes. Holiday advertisements flood the TV screens as people start shifting into the gift-giving mode. This season for most is a joyous, celebratory time filled with food, family, and fun. But for those with an addiction, it can be stressful. With the many layers of happiness that come with the holidays, hurts from past years come with it too. Stress and emotions run high from Thanksgiving through New Years.

With this in mind, you should not wait for any other time of year to seek treatment. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go to treatment now rather than wait until the holiday season is over.

#1) Emotions and Stress Run High
Your addiction may jeopardize the quality of time spent with family, or it could fuel a volatile situation with family members. Your family may have resentments towards your behavior due to your drinking or drugging problem, or they may have expectations you may feel pressured to reach. To deal with all this, you might find yourself leaning towards your drug of choice to ease the overwhelming stress. An environment without alcohol will remove you from these situations.

#2) Alcohol or Other Drugs Are Prevalent
If you are at a party with friends, a family gathering, or watching TV during the holidays, one thing is likely: alcohol will make an appearance. With high-stress levels being in the air, an alcoholic or addict may think they need to use to cope. With drug and alcohol prevalence, it may be difficult for someone with an addiction to avoid using during this time of year. So seek treatment now to avoid this reason.

#3) More Time-Off at Work
Typically, towards the end of the year, people have collected more time off for themselves, and vacation and sick days are stacked up. Another practical reason is your insurance deductibles are usually met by now, meaning, most people have met their deductibles or max out-of-pocket expenses making it a perfect time of year to have things taken care of medically. Seeking treatment before the beginning of the year can save you money.

#4) Feeling Good Physically and Mentally
Before you adopt the notion that the holidays are an inappropriate season to seek treatment, consider the risks of not receiving help during the holidays, and then compare it to the benefits. Imagine waking up clear headed and feeling good on Christmas morning. Holiday season spent at a treatment center may be just what you need to start fresh and have the Christmas you deserve.

#5) La Hacienda During the Holidays
Last but not least, La Hacienda recognizes the holidays on our campus. Our cafeteria goes above and beyond on these holidays, making it feel like home. Meals are over the top, and there is a special holiday air across campus throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a great time to get help.

If you or a loved one are dealing with an addiction, consider seeking treatment during the holidays. In fact, it’s the best time. Imagine the beauty of getting away from the stress the holidays bring and starting fresh before the New Year rolls around.

Give your family the best gift: your recovery, and begin treatment now. Make this holiday season YOUR season for recovery.


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