90-Day Drug and Alcohol Program

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Program

90 Day Drug And Alcohol Program | La Hacienda

La Ha 90

Patients motivated to seek a deeper understanding of recovery principles and the coping mechanisms for sustaining recovery can request admission to “La Ha 90”, La Hacienda Treatment Center’s 90-day addiction treatment program.

The 90-day rehab program was developed to meet the needs of a select number of patients. 

The most effective treatment duration for a person depends on the severity of their disorder and their care needs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says research shows that most addicted persons need at least three months of treatment to significantly reduce or stop substance use.

90-Day Addiction Treatment

90 Day Rehab | La Hacienda

La Ha 90’s addiction treatment program is designed for adults seeking treatment for their substance abuse and alcohol addiction who want to live sober and practice coping mechanisms they have learned before leaving the rehab program.

Most month-long drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs include detoxification and medication for withdrawal symptoms, followed by individual and group counseling for several weeks. These drug and alcohol rehab programs prepare patients to leave inpatient treatment and then participate in outpatient treatment and sober living in their home communities.

A 90-day program gives the patient two more months of living at the treatment center while practicing the skills they have learned and seeking answers to more questions. Here’s what is included.

La Ha 90 Provides

Addiction Treatment | La Hacienda

  • 90-day substance abuse treatment

  • Medical stabilization and detox

  • In-depth counseling to explore family of origin and ongoing family counseling

  • Therapeutic modalities as needed (motivational interviewing, EMDR, psychodrama, cognitive behavioral therapy)

  • Work through the 12 steps

  • Active engagement in service work

  • Peer leadership

  • Therapeutic passes to leave campus

  • Use of electronics per phase

  • Private room option

90-Day Drug Abuse Treatment Process

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An extended treatment period provides a unique opportunity for the patient to exhibit accountability. They have access to their phone and the ability to leave campus. This process of “learning to crawl before walking” builds confidence in patients preparing to engage in daily life after completing treatment.

For people who relapsed after previous addiction treatment, the extended treatment process allows time for a deeper dive into the barriers and blocks that have prevented long-term recovery success.

Patients Stay in Treatment Program Support Groups

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Support groups–other patients who share a common background–are an important part of the La Hacienda treatment program.

If a patient transfers to the 90-day program after their primary care period, they continue in the same familiar, safe environment with staff specializing in the issues to be addressed.

Emphasis on 12-Step Process Continues

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La Hacienda strongly believes in the 12-step process and includes this philosophy in all treatment programs. By the time a patient has completed the 90-day program, they will have worked steps 1-8, and be involved in making amends while continuing to work steps 10-12.

They will be helping others with their steps, have a greater understanding of the challenges that have prevented them from establishing a sober life, and a discover a deeper understanding of what actions need to be taken to be in active recovery.

Benefits of Longer Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

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Inpatient treatment in a safe environment for a 90-day rehab program is consistently the most effective form of addiction treatment.

Some drug and alcohol addiction patients want to re-experience sobriety while in the safety of the treatment program community.

There is evidence that longer treatment programs benefit the patient’s life in recovery.

Alcohol Rehabilitation | La Hacienda

For example, according to a study funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), individuals who stay in treatment longer than 90 days are 22–43 percent more likely to be employed in the year following treatment than those who stayed a shorter time.

Insurance and the 90-day Drug and Alcohol Program

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Many insurance companies with which La Hacienda is in network will partly cover a 90-day rehab program. For details regarding your insurance provider and daily rates for the longer treatment period, talk with one of our admission specialists.

How to Apply for La Ha 90

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Patients motivated to seek a deeper understanding of recovery principles and tools to sustain long-term recovery have two opportunities to request entry into the 90-day program.

  • They may request admission during their initial screening,

  • A patient willing to commit to an additional 60 days may request transfer to the La Ha 90 Program after completing their first month of primary treatment.

Enrollment in La Ha 90 is a privilege extended to 8-10 patients at a time.

Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders at La Hacienda

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La Hacienda Treatment Center provides high quality behavioral healthcare for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual treatment of substance use disorders.

La Hacienda is a leader in the behavioral health industry. Our facilities include a medical detox unit with on-site physicians and psychiatrists, and 24/7 nursing care.

Drug Rehab Programs | La Hacienda

Our clinical treatment programs are conducted by dedicated counselors, many of whom know first-hand the issues of substance abuse and drug addiction.

Treatment options include support groups with shared focus and a Family Program to help educate loved ones about the disorders and how they can support the patient in recovery.

La Hacienda Meets High Standards

Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration (Samsha) | La Hacienda

Effective addiction treatment providers follow industry standards for treatment practices and treatment methods and adhere to local and state laws. One of the best treatment centers in the U.S., La Hacienda is certified by the Joint Commission standards and follows the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) levels of care.

Call Now for Information

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If you or someone you know is seeking addiction treatment, a member of our admissions staff will gladly answer your questions and help initiate admission into the treatment program so you can begin the recovery process. Should it be determined that another treatment provider may better meet your needs, we can put you in touch with other centers which share our basic treatment philosophy.