Adam Wallace

Adam Wallace | La Hacienda

Admission Specialist

If you’re looking for someone to help lead you to safety, who will be calm and think clearly when faced with an emergency, then Admission Specialist Adam Wallace is the person you want.

Since November 2021, Adam has been using the thought processes and leadership skills he honed as a firefighter/emergency medical technician to assist people calling La Hacienda Treatment Center looking for answers to questions about addiction treatment.

“I want to make the process easier for the families,” he says. “Educating and helping a family better handle what they are going through is my goal.”

Reached A Crisis Point

A San Antonio native, Adam became a firefighter after earning his EMT certifications from the San Antonio College of Emergency Medicine and his Firefighter One certification from the state.

He loved serving the public, but he had been addicted to opiates almost half his life. That, and the stress of working as a first responder, took its toll.

“I reached a point where I lost my family. I was homeless, alone, cold, dope sick, and in so much pain from hunger it kept me awake at night.

With the help of others, he was able to find freedom from addiction and overcome his PTSD, but it was not an easy path.

“Living sober has not been all sunshine and roses. I have buried many friends and walked through tough times. Life didn’t get easier, I got tougher.”

An Example for Others

After achieving recovery, Adam set out to help lead others—especially first responders like himself—to do the same.

“I spent years feeling trapped, thinking sobriety was impossible and death was going to be my only way out. I knew if I ever got free, I had to spend the rest of my life pulling as many men and women out of the hell I came out of.”

“I want to conduct and carry myself in a matter, both personally and professionally, that others in recovery will want to follow. Other people motivated me into this deal by living a life above reproach and that’s what I strive to do for the next person.”