Alisa Murphy

Alisa Murphy, Business Office Director | La Hacienda

Business Office Director

Alisa leads the team that she describes as “the frontline of reception.”

“We are the business office team. Our first duty is to welcome patients and their families. We streamline the process, to always make it as smooth and as comfortable as possible. We want to be sure patients devote their time here to recovery, not insurance issues.”

Alisa manages revenue from start to finish. This includes reception, financial coordinators, billing, and collections.

But a major role is to process new patients efficiently in order to get them to the treatment they need as seamlessly and quickly as possible. This is not an easy task, because every patient that shows up is in a different situation.

“There are always a bunch of unknowns. So I have always tried my best and have my staff do their best to explain what to expect. We are going to go through this paperwork, we\’re going to get you with a doctor or counselor, we\’re going to get you feeling as comfortable as possible.”

Alisa and her team are ready to answer any questions that arise about the financial process, for both the patient and the family. This support carries beyond the intake process, through treatment, and for follow-up care.

“We are going to talk business, but we do it in a way that\’s appropriate for the situation. I\’m going to give you whatever information you think you might need.”

It can be a stressful job. One of her roles is to hire staffers with the right attitudes, then train them in the necessary skills. She lists those skills as including a lot of analysis, a lot of discretion, and a lot of customer service.

“We\’re very customer service-oriented in my department. It\’s important for me and my staff to have a higher level of professionalism because of the fact that we handle the business aspects. We have a more professional relationship with the patients and their families. Professionalism is important to me. So I make sure everybody feels supported enough to have those conversations about the finances.”

Alisa, who has a degree in Psychology, has worked at La Hacienda since 2019. In her free time, she unwinds by cooking, traveling, and listening to “all kinds” of music, mostly 80s rock and electronic.

“I have music on in my office all day.”