Alisa Murphy

Alisa Knipp, coordinator, admissions financial

Alisa Murphy – Billing and Financial Manager

The Business/Admissions department has a unique and sometimes stressful responsibility: to make arriving patients feel welcome while discussing financial matters. Supervisor Alisa Murphy says her staff has the skill and compassion make it happen. “Luckily, my team and I have the beneficial ability to greet incoming patients with warmth and understanding while simultaneously handling the business portion.” “We aim to always make the process as smooth and as comfortable as possible. We want to be sure patients devote their time here to recovery, not insurance snags.”

Always Looking to Improve the Process

Working closely with her counterparts in the Business Office, Alisa seeks “to keep the wheels well-greased and to help identify and eliminate roadblocks.” “I am always looking for ways to improve the experience. One of the best is to offer exemplary customer service to the extraordinary women and men who come here seeking assistance.” “I am excited to be part of a vision that is aimed at ensuring the best treatment center in the state of Texas thrives into the future.”

The Move from Her Native California to Texas

Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, Alisa holds a degree in psychology and has a diverse background ranging from photography to commercial lending.  After 35 years in her native state, she resolved that it was time for a change of scenery. “I decided life was too short to not explore places that might be a better fit for me and my core values.” I love everything that Texas represents. I am grateful to be here since 2015.”

Settled in Kerrville after Exploring the State

Alisa took a while to choose a new home in the Lone Star State. “After exploring from Uvalde to Fort Worth, I knew hands-down, there is no more perfect a place for me and my husband than the Texas Hill Country. I plan to live here for the rest of my days.” From their Kerrville home, Alisa enjoys cooking, live music, dogs, traveling, and is a proud Rottweiler owner of a handsome boy name Mando (like the Mandalorian).

Longevity of Staff is a Positive

She joined the La Hacienda Treatment Center team in September 2019. When she was considering a position here, the many long-tenured employees on the treatment center’s staff caught her attention. “Few things say more about a company than how long its staff have dedicated themselves and their lives to the operation.”

New Year’s Resolution Leads to Home Bakery

In addition to her work at La Hacienda, Alisa channels her creativity into several areas. A 2021 New Year’s goal of “elevating myself in the kitchen and setting out to master baking” has resulted in a home-based enterprise. “I took such a liking to it that I launched a small home bakery called Striped Ribbon Cottage Bakery, specializing exclusively in cakes and cupcakes.” Once the operator of a small-session photography business, she still does it as a hobby and to help market her new bakery. “I definitely still enjoy being behind the lens.”