Dan Randmer

Dan Randmer | La Hacienda

Dan Randmer sees his role as guiding patients along the “continuum of care” that is part of every person’s journey through La Hacienda.

“I assist people with aftercare. We take the case managers’ recommendations of what each patient needs, whether that is the intensive outpatient program, sober living, partial hospitalization, or individual therapy. Then we pull in-network providers in whatever area they are going back to, and see if it’s the right fit. After their stay here, aftercare becomes the most important thing, so they can continue their recovery.”

Dan, who holds a BA in Communications with a Minor in History, brings critical life skills to his position as Continuing Care Coordinator. Sharing his own experience of going through rehab, Dan helps patients understand how it’s going to look when they leave, showing how their aftercare package will fit with their natural life balance.

“Knowledge and experience equal wisdom, and the wisdom I’ve attained from going through this process lets me better help others.”

Dan’s focus is always on maximizing the benefit to the patient.

“The minimal time they spend here, and the more services that are already set up for them when they leave, the more time they can spend recovering.”

Since joining the team in 2021, Dan has worked on his own personal and professional growth. It all revolves around finding the best ways to help other people.

“Everyone here believes in what we do, and knows how special a place this is. When you walk around the campus, people say hi. Everyone knows everyone, and is happy to be here. That has an effect on the patient population and each member of the team. I couldn’t work at a place if I didn’t believe in what we do.”