Elizabeth Olson

Elizabeth Olson | La Hacienda

Business Development Director

La Hacienda Treatment Center’s Director of Business Development since 2011, Elizabeth Olson is a nationally-recognized leader in addiction treatment.

Elizabeth is experienced in clinical support, admissions, clinical outreach, business development, and intervention. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and is currently in a Master’s Program for Marriage and Family Therapy. She also holds a Christian Health Practitioner Certification (CHP).

A Kerrville native, Elizabeth attained recovery after completing treatment at La Hacienda in May 2000. After relocating to an extended care facility in California, the leadership there recognized her skills and hired her as Director of National Outreach. She specialized in working with national accounts and assisting families, excelling due to her dedication to recovery, her desire to help those in need, and her affinity for connecting with people and building relationships.

After ten years, Elizabeth decided it was time to return to Texas to be closer to her family and seek a new employer.

“I wanted to work for a smaller, family-owned operation, and the opportunity opened at La Hacienda. I came back to where I got my sobriety and grew my roots in the program.”

As Director of Business Development, Elizabeth oversees representatives in cities around Texas who represent La Hacienda to potential clients, referral sources, and other treatment facilities. She is also responsible for alumni and continuing care.

“I love leading such a dynamic team. Each member brings a special set of skills, and each teaches the whole team their strengths. I love working with people to enhance skills that they may not realize they have.”

Elizabeth enjoys being part of “an extremely ethical organization that truly does the right thing.”

“We have so many staff for whom it is not just a personal mission, but it’s also a spiritual one. That to me is incredibly important.”

That La Hacienda is a 12 step-based treatment center is also essential.

“People truly get an introduction to the 12 steps here. I remember hearing the message of the 12 steps so loud and clear. The message of freedom is in those steps. That is what stuck with me. Anybody can go to treatment, but if you give them something that they can use for the rest of their lives, such as the 12 steps, that’s what matters.”

Elizabeth understands that recovery is an ongoing process.

“I went through several stages of recovery. I continue to work on myself in various ways—deeper therapeutic workshops, experiential therapy. You can’t ever do enough work on yourself. There are always more layers of the onion to peel back. Higher levels of spirituality and consciousness are so important.”

Elizabeth is married to a high school classmate, Jason, who she admits to always feeling butterflies for, and they have two amazing boys whom they are homeschooling.

She loves living the ranch life, including horses and exotic animals, and she recently started vegetable and fruit gardens.

“I am so grateful for how God has blessed my life. Coming home, back to Texas, my family, my incredible husband, my precious boys, and working at La Hacienda–it’s almost too good to be true.”