Erin Crossley, LCSW LCDC

Erin Crossley, LCSW LCDC

Erin Crossley, LCSW LCDC | La Hacienda Treatment Center

Collegiate Program Case Manager

Erin Crossley wants people “to see that there is a way out and to believe they are capable of having an entirely different life. We can recover.” Life experience makes her a good match to work with young adults. Born and raised in Plano, Texas, Erin struggled with alcoholism as a young adult. “It started as partying in high school and got progressively worse,” she says. “My consequences grew. I was hospitalized and had to drop out of school. I broke trust with everyone who loved me and devastated my family.” She made a few failed attempts to fix it on her own, then decided to get professional assistance. “I went through the program at La Hacienda Treatment Center in 2009, then entered sober living. My life completely changed.”

Erin’s La Hacienda Counselor was Her Inspiration

Erin credits the clinician who worked with her as a La Hacienda patient for inspiring her to enter the profession. “My counselor was Amy Madrid, one of the best counselors I’ve known. She inspired me to enter the field.” In addition to her LCSW and an LCDC licenses, Erin holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, both from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She started working as a chemical dependency counselor in 2014 and joined the La Hacienda staff in 2017. “Since I had started my recovery at La Hacienda, it was always my dream to end up working here.”

Understanding and Compassion for Patients

Erin loves working in recovery. “I have true compassion for our patients, and I understand the struggle firsthand.” The moment when patients start to understand what the program is telling them is one of her favorites. “I love seeing the ‘click’ that happens for many of our patients around week two when they connect with what is taught. They engage in the community and they start to feel hopeful that their lives can change.” Working at La Hacienda, where a spiritual experience is a goal of the recovery process, has taught her that “God is always the answer.”

A Lively Home Life

Her favorite free-time activities are playing with her two sons–especially taking family walks in the park–and baking. “I am married to a wonderful man, Reese, who is my exact opposite—extroverted and spontaneous. He brings out the fun in me. I have two wild and curious boys, Brady and Cooper, whom I adore, and two dogs, Elvis and Winston. Our house is always loud!” Consistent with her compassion for persons fighting addiction, she participates in the Women in Recovery ACTS ministry based at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in San Antonio. Places Erin has not visited but would like to include Jerusalem, Scotland, Alaska, … “and the list goes on and on!”