Frost Readel – Board of Directors

Frost Readel, Board of Directors, La Hacienda Treatment Center

Frost Readel, Board of Trustees

Frost Readel has served La Hacienda in a consultant capacity since 2002. He lends his expertise by sitting on the Board of Directors, being a member of the Executive Team, and participating in the Finance Committee.

Frost achieved sobriety in 2001. Shortly thereafter, he started assisting the late Frank Sadlack, La Hacienda’s Executive Director at the time. “Frank pushed me down the sobriety road,” says Frost.

One of their shared tasks was searching for Sadlack’s successor. That culminated with the hiring of Art VanDivier, who is Executive Director to this day.

Understanding the Addiction Treatment Business

Frost learned from VanDivier, who shared with him the team-building process and introduced him to involvement with NAATP and other addiction treatment providers.

“I had been involved in other businesses, but I knew nothing about addiction treatment. I learned it through Art and by spending time here and being involved with what is going on.”

Therapeutic Activities and Observing

Frost often assists with therapeutic activities— in the gym and on the ROPES course. On the one hand, he’s working with staff, helping to build patients’ confidence, encouragement, and self-awareness. On the other, he’s a Board Member observing the real-time operation of the treatment center.

“It’s a way to see and hear how well we’re doing our job,” he says.

On a broader scale, his work with Community Outreach involves keeping an eye on what is happening with other providers through NAATP, TAAP, and other organizations.

An Interest in Housing Renovation and Construction

Born in San Antonio, Frost lived in Kingwood during his youth, then returned to San Antonio and graduated from Churchill High School.

While in college, he partnered with others to rebuild old homes in Alamo Heights, then “graduated” to construct new houses in the Heart of Boerne neighborhood in that city.

Working on the Railroad (Cars)

For another period, he worked with PFL Industries in San Antonio. The company had contracts with railroads and railcar firms for rebuilding cars. Most of them were freight, but occasionally they renovated old passenger cars.

One job that sticks in his memory was the Pullman observation car used by President Harry Truman during his whistle-stop tour while campaigning for election in 1948.

The firm also renovated passenger cars for the Branson, Missouri, tourist train.

Golf, Bowling, Tai Chi, and Muscle Cars

When he’s not at La Hacienda, Frost may be found on a golf course, in a bowling alley, restoring old cars, or doing Tai Chi.

The bowling habit started in his youthful days in Southeast Texas. “It rains a lot around Houston, but we could always find an open bowling alley.”

Tai Chi came with sobriety. “I got hooked on it in rehab,” says Frost. It keeps me centered and helps with body awareness, things that help me both in golf and bowling.

His favorite classic cars are early 1970s muscle cars such as Corvettes and Camaros.